Jul 7, 2009

Elves of Middle-earth

The coolest race EVER!!!:) Okay, so I know a LOT of people would beg to disagree with me on that, but I really do think they are! Think about it, there is not a SINGLE Elf in Lord of the Rings who is not 'down-right-awesome'.

*Elrond: You know, it kinda makes me mad when people say that they hate, Elrond. I certainly don't. I think he's awesome! Oh, yes, he was VERY selfish at times, but if you look back at his past, its very understandable. Yes, he was wrong in trying to convince Arwen to leave to the Undying Lands, but he loved his daughter very much, despite everything he did. He reforged the Sword when Arwen asked him to(eventually;). And at the end where he tells Arwen "go to him" it just breaks my heart every time! GO ELROND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

*Celeborn: Granted, Celeborn's part is limited, but he still remains awesome. He says one of my favorite lines "Without Gandalf, hope is lost". *sigh* I just wish Peter Jackson had given him more screen time. GO CELEBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Galadriel: O my goodness, Galadriel is SO awesome! She is truly the 'Lady of Light' because she is constantly opening people's eyes to the truth. There are some people who hate Galadriel, because they say she's 'creep' & 'weird'. When I see comments like this, I just shake my head & say "If they only knew". :) GO GALADRIEL!!!!!!!!!

*Haldir: Yeah, you ALL knew he was coming!:) My FAVORITE Elf in Middle-earth! He's the awesomeness!!! And to think that they actually KILLED HIM IN THE MOVIES!!! I cry EVERY time I watch that part, can't help it. But besides all that, he has the most awesome sense of humor, "The Dwarf breathed so loud, we could have shot him in the dark". He had very much love & pride for Galadriel & Celeborn. It also been debated whether Galadriel & Celeborn are his parents!:/ He also came up with one of my other lines in the books:

"Indeed in nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him."

Yeah, that line really makes me think..... But anyway! I could go on & on about him but I won't:( GO HALDIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Arwen: I love Arwen because she is pure in the heart, and gave up everything to be with Aragorn. She also has that calm personality that I really admire about her. Yeah, I know a lot of guys believe that she did absolutely, but I beg to disagree. If I were her, I would have fled to the Undyng lands in a heartbeat. But she did just the opposite. I also LOVE the relationship she had with Elrond. GO ARWEN!!!!!!!!!!:)

*Legolas: Did you know that a lot of people think that I hate him, but you know what? They are DEAD WRONG!:) I'm not exactly the biggest fan of his, and I DO believe that Haldir is 10x more awesome, but I still like him. He has a great sense of humor, "Should I describe it you? Or would you like me to find you a box?" LOL! He's very loyal, and yes he's humble. I HATE it when people make 'shampoo jokes'!! They drive me CRAZY! And yes, Legolas WAS cooler than Aragorn! GO LEGOLAS!

ELVES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)